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Maintenance & Quality Control - No additional IT services are necessary

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Edited Time-Lapse Movies - Time-lapse movies and DVD's bring all phases of construction

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Fixed Hardwired Systems, Wifi Webcams, FLIR Systems, and Mobile Trailer Mounted Systems

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Our Security Camera Services

Custom Surveillance Camera Services

Construction sites face a wide range of security challenges, including vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials. That’s why we provide a variety of construction security solutions to suit your needs.

As the construction industry continues to expand, developers are commonly finding themselves building in more remote locations. When this happens, obtaining reliable power for construction site security can become a problem. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology has fueled innovative products that offer security solutions, mobile surveillance units (MSUs).  

Whether the construction site is local or in extreme or remote locations with limited access to power, portable security systems, our Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) and command center monitoring help to ensure that your site is protected 24/7.

The MSUs, offered by Meyer3D, enable you to remotely view and monitor your projects from virtually anywhere. No matter what type of construction – apartment complexes, large commercial projects, or homebuilder sites – a construction security system, by Meyer3D, will help safeguard your site against costly losses and incidents, and keep you apprised of activity on your site.

Video Monitoring Services

From pan/tilt/zoom to thermal, Meyer3D wide range of state-of-the-art cameras can cater to all of your security needs.

We just don’t try and sell you a package deal. Because we don’t have any package deals to sell.

Every system custom build the best combination of equipment and services to meet your specific needs and your budget.

When required, Meyer3D can set you up with remote video monitoring that will cater to your special needs. These UL-Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Command Center service firms remotely monitor your cameras and can request real-time intervention.

Our sophisticated alarm and video analytics alert the service monitoring firm in real-time, allowing them to call the relevant authorities during an incident or intrusion. They also call you to keep you in the loop.

Our video monitoring service additionally stores these recordings in the Command Center and within the individual units. Upon request, the Command Center is able to complete a full data review, pinpointing and delivering the incident for legal or internal purposes. Video monitoring offers you peace of mind.

Securing Your Materials, Tools, and Equipment

The primary crime committed at construction zones is theft. Thieves are tempted into construction zones to steal tools, supplies, and valuable equipment.

No matter the size of the construction site, it’s likely that all of these costly elements will be present day and night, as it’s difficult and inefficient to clear out and pack up a site each night. Thieves know that your equipment and tools will be on site, and working with Meyer3D, we can provide the surveillance and security you need to keep an eye on what’s valuable to you.

Reduce Liability Suits & Workers’ Compensation Claims

One of the most commonly occurring issues on construction sites are injuries to personnel. Construction sites are dangerous places,  and whether through simple accident or worker negligence, injuries and related issues can occur.

When you have a complete surveillance system provided by Meyer3D, you’ll be able to have a clear picture of almost everything that happens at your jobsite, reducing workers compensation claims and the potential for you to be sued for something that wasn’t your fault or responsibility.

Viewing Your Jobsites Remotely

Remote viewing of a construction site offers many security advantages. With the state-of-the-art technology offered by Meyer3D, you’ll be able to view your construction live from any location or device with online connectivity.

This means you can keep an eye on progress, monitor work, watch for deliveries, and provide a “pair of eyes” for security purposes both during and after work hours. No security element is more important than a watchful eye, and remote viewing of your jobsite will accomplish just this goal.

Fixed camera systems can help manage Stakeholder’s expectations, keeping them “In-the-loop.”

Deterring Potential Thieves and Intruders

One unique feature of construction sites is that they are not confined to buildings or structures that can be easily closed off or locked up for the night. Construction sites are often sprawling, and sometimes cordoned off with little more than a chain-link fence.

By working with Meyer3D, it will be possible to install the best possible camera combination to monitor, detect, and respond to intrusions onto your construction site.

The fact that you have ANY type of video surveillance is often enough to deter would-be thieves.

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