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Meyer3D Brings Design Possibilities To Life

3D printed architecture models offer a lot of advantages. In fact, 3D printing has been one of the most talked about technologies this decade. Some say the technology could not have come sooner.

3D printed models allow architects, engineers, and designers to quickly and cost-effectively create scale models of complex structures. Bringing their computer images to life. Something the mind can wrap itself around.

The Ultimate Sales Tool

No amount of drawings, blueprints, or digital 3D models can replicate the “real-life” perspective that you gain with 3D printed architectural scale models.

3D printed models allow architects to showcase their designs with highly accurate scale models. Stakeholders and potential investors are able to grasp the concepts of your design at a glance. The model then becomes a tangible trophy of things to come.

With Meyer3D it’s easy to add unparalleled professionalism to your sales presentations. It has been shown that potential owners are more prone to ‘Buy In’ when they can see a model of what they are investing in.

Let technology drive your winning design. With this freedom, you can push the boundaries of design and test new possibilities. You can quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively render test models.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the 3D modeling process is a very technical process. This is where we come in. We ensure that the architectural modelers are extremely careful at every stage of the project to capture your ideas and convey them in a high-quality model.

Meyer3D takes your CAD files and optimizes them for 3D printing production. We then seek out, find, and manage the right combination of artisans to meet your needs and your budget. We compare prices between our premium 3D printing service partners in realtime, so you get high-quality 3D prints for the best price.

Thanks to our partners, we can offer you the widest range of materials available. Meyer3D does the foot work, the day-to-day oversight of the modeling process to ensure your investment is delivered on time and on budget.

Some of the key areas we pay close attention to is thickness and resolution. Ignoring those two can be a critical error in model development. In addition, we inspect and take very seriously the identification and removal of gaps and holes. While they may not completely damage the model, they can leave you with a less than desirable 3D print.

We offer custom fit solutions to any project. If you need special materials or batch production, we are here to help and to make sure you get the best service possible.

Call Us… After we understand your needs, we will provide you with a quote and time line.

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